Community Programs

HUG is working to build a local food system in our neighborhood.  We’re creating dynamic social and educational programs along the way. All of our programs are created and operated with an anti-racist lens. Check out what we’re up to and get involved!

Urban Farm Network

The Urban Farm Network is made up of our 11 community supported gardens that collectively make up our farm. The UFN is the backbone of our organization and our many programs. The way it works is that neighbors within our “HUG Zone” contribute a piece of their land, either their curbside or a portion of their yard, with the help of volunteers and staff we garden on that land throughout the year and share the food with our community.

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HUG Grub

We share the food back through what we call HUG Grub. HUG Grub is our summer farmstand that runs from June to the end of October. We set up the farmstand every Saturday from 11:00 AM – 1 PM and share the food back with the community. Instead of a monetary exchange, our participants can share either Time, Talent, or Treasure.

Our gardens are open to the public so even when we are not running HUG Grub, folks can still harvest as they need at any of our gardens.

Black Mycelium Project

The Black Mycelium Project is our Black only program that creates a space for Black folks to be able to rebuild their relationship to land and facilitate opportunities for our community to learn and celebrate around gardening, plant medicines, food classes, and Black centered events.

The programming will include opportunities to engage in workshops and work parties within and around our medicine garden. The medicine garden is in collaboration with the Canoe Journey Herbalists which will allow folks access to knowledge on growing, preparing, and administering indigenous plant medicines. There will be food classes that will cover the growing, cooking, and preserving of culturally relevant foods. The project also includes two events Black Earth which celebrates our connection to this Earth and Black Party which celebrates Black folks connection to Hilltop.

Summer Youth LGBTQ+ Program

During the past two summers, we ran programming for Queer, Transgender, Non-binary, and Gender Non-Conforming youth of color and allies. This was created for youth in our community to have a safe space. They get opportunities to participate in gardening, learning about plant medicines, leadership development, and field trips.

Land and Housing Liberation

Land and Housing Liberation is our campaign strategy to preserve, defend, and build Black home ownership in Hilltop due to our neighborhood being rapidly gentrified. This work is led by Black folks with a tie to this community.

White Folks Orientation

All of our programs are created and operated with an anti-racist lens. We value everyone who volunteers, teaches, and creates with us. In order to keep our anti-racist mission integral to our work, we ask that white folks who wish to build with us attend our White Folks Orientation in order to understand and undo any implicit bias and patterns that may interfere with centering Black folks and our larger communities. In order to learn more about this program contact us at

If you have an interest in being involved in any of our programs feel free to contact us at