HUG Urban Farm Network

HUG Grub – Neighborhood Food Share Program

Every Saturday, June – September, HUG sets up a produce stand at the corner of S. 19th & S. Ainsworth and shares our bounty with the neighborhood. We ask that neighbors share something back. From work in the gardens to making quilts for neighborhood children – we encourage multiple ways of giving and network an abundance of skills in the creation of a neighborhood-based economy. Have a surplus in your garden? Contact us to share in 2016!

Saturday: 1pm-3pm @ The Farm (S. 19th & S. Ainsworth) – Bring a bag and take home produce. Decide how you want to share back to the neighborhood.

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What’s the Urban Farm Network?

We’re working on systems for food independence. To that end HUG is growing a network of Urban Farms on the Hilltop*. Each site produces food on a crop rotation system and act as one big web-like urban farm. Do you or your neighbors have a yard? Tired of mowing grass? Let’s talk! Together, we can build an urban farming community by the people, for the people. Let’s Grow!

UPDATE: HUG is partnering with the City of Tacoma to build at least 16 new gardens in 2016. If you live on the Hilltop and are interested in a garden, fill out an application here.

Interested in what’s growing right now? View our Urban Farm Network in a larger map. The Farm @ 19th and S. Ainsworth Under Construction! Featuring 1,500 sq. ft of growing space on donated land, solar energy and rainwater harvesting system, accessible raised beds and composting toilet, class site and community meeting space. Satellite Sites These sites are built in partnership with home or land owners on the Hilltop. They work as one large urban farm. Do you have land to grow on? Get in touch and be a part of the solution! Current sites: Curbside Gardens (several households who have shared their parking strips with HUG), Jackson Farm, Jones Farm, Smiraldo Farm and introducing our newest site “Seeds of Purpose”  (cheers and applause!!!!!!!!)

Thanks for your Day of Caring SOTA students!